How to Install Led Light Pull Chain Shop Lights?

Similarly, Do LED shop lights need junction box?

To connect it, you’ll need to place it in a junction box. Fluorescent lights had the direct connection within the fixture before, but LED lights do not.

Also, it is asked, Do LED shop lights need to be grounded?

Any fixture that employs LEDs, or a bulb that uses LEDs to replace an incandescent bulb, must now be grounded, just like any fixture that uses an incandescent bulb. These fixtures utilize 110/120 volts AC electricity and may cause damage if they are not grounded.

Secondly, What if there is no junction box?

The quick answer to the question of how to install a light fixture without an electrical box is that you don’t. The electrical box, often known as the junction box, is a regulatory requirement intended to prevent fires and other electrical mishaps.

Also, Can you daisy chain shop lights?

To link the tube lights in a daisy chain, connect the male end of the previous fixture to the female end of the next. In addition, the number of LED tubes that may be connected is determined by the voltage of the power source and the fixture’s wattage.

People also ask, Can you run Romex exposed in garage?

When running Romex through garages, it’s critical that it’s insulated to prevent harm to the wire. Whether you’re wondering if Romex can contact insulation, the answer is yes. It’s vital to keep in mind, however, that the insulation should not come into touch with the copper within.

Related Questions and Answers

What size wire should I run to my garage?

A 30-amp subpanel requires 10-gauge wire, an 8-gauge subpanel requires 8-gauge wire, and a 50-amp subpanel requires 6-gauge wire. You’ll need hefty 3- or 4-gauge cable with a 6-gauge ground wire if you require a 100-amp subpanel. Depending on cable size, voltage loss becomes a concern at lengths of more than 100 to 150 feet.

Does wiring in a garage need to be in conduit?

One or more concrete or drywalled walls may be seen in many garages. Conduit must be used to protect cable installation on these exposed surfaces. EMT (electrical metallic tube; Photo 7) is shown, however rigid PVC conduit may also be used.

How high should a light be above a workbench?

If your ceiling is very high, I’d recommend suspending the fixtures on a chain to lower them to around 5 to 6 feet above the bench. Keep in mind that light intensity decreases as the square of the distance increases. It’s easy to see the difference between being 5 to 6 feet up and being 8 feet or more up.

How are fluorescent lights hung?

With a little push on each end, most fluorescent bulbs snap into place. The diffuser screen may be clipped on, slid on from the side, or hung from a lip on either side of the hanging fluorescent light bulb, according to Exceptional Electric. Small screws may also be used to secure some of them.


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