How to Attach Led Lights to My Awning?

For your retractable patio awning, Sunair® offers two kinds of dimmable lighting options. Both systems have a dimmable receiver that can be operated with the same multi-channel awning remote. Your Sunair® awning will be safer, more secure, and more useful with the LEDs.

Similarly, Can you stick LEDs on fabric?

LED strips are widely used in house lighting projects, so they’re simple to come by. This one comes with self-adhesive tape, which comes in useful if you’re attaching it to cloth (glue is still required). LED strip in white. Addressable LED strips are also becoming more widely available.

Also, it is asked, Can I use tape for LED lights?

3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape is the finest double-sided tape for LED light strips. On an LED strip light roll, this tape may be used in addition to the original adhesive backing.

Secondly, How do you stick LED strip lights?

Mold a strip of putty into the appropriate form using your hands, then press it into the back of your LEDs. After that, the strip may be attached to the desired surface. You might also use cable ties to attach your LED strips to an item.

Also, Is there an app for Sunsetter awning?

Simply connect the Somfy myLink interface (shown right) and download the free software, and a simple on-screen setup tutorial will guide you through the process of creating timed events. Have you ever been at work and realized you haven’t closed your awning for the day? It’s not an issue. It just takes a few seconds with a single touch of the myLink app.


The “how to install led strip lights in caravan” is a question that has been asked many times over the years. The answer is simple, you need to attach the led strips to your Awning with screws.

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